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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Request for funding: The Smallest Stories

Project summary: I will write sentence-long stories about the places that I go on stickers that are easy to remove, and put them up in the appropriate locations.

Amount requested: $6.40

Materials required: stickers, ink.

Funding breakdown: I meant to go to a newsagent to check how much stickers cost, but I didn't, in the end. And now I am impatient to get this done, and put it out there, and see what comes of it. Let's pretend that a roll of stickers costs $5.80, and my careful breakdown of the ink required comes to $0.60. $6.40 sounds far more official and well-research than $5, yes? Yes.

Artist biography: I write less than I should, but I have so many stories in my head. None of them have a beginning or a middle or an end. They are all about moments when the world becomes more wonderful or more terrible than you thought it was, quite unexpectedly.

[EDIT: This project has been funded by Jarrad!]

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