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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Request for funding: Clothespeg messages

From Claire:

"i'd like five dollars to buy wooden clothespegs, i will then write an inspirational word or message (like "You're beautiful" or "Be happy") on it and clip it to unsuspecting pedestrians, public places, dog collars, and the like. My goal is to spread a little bit of joy in the world, one clothespeg at a time."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why tiny grants?

I'm guessing that for most people the tiny grants available on this site are not going to make the difference between being able to do a project and not being able to do it. So why bother with tiny grants?

Because here, now, being given money to do something is a signal that someone else values our skills. It shifts our sense of what it is we're doing, even if the amount that changes hands is tiny. It turns a small act we might have done anyway into accredited proof that we are an artist. And we're all artists!

Because it helps to motivate us by creating a sense of obligation. It can (I hope) push people from daydreaming about doing something to actually doing it.

Because it creates connections between people who might not have met otherwise.

But mostly, because I find it amusing. It turns something serious (looking for funding, or offering funding) into a form of play, a game and a performance that anyone can take part in.

Your Smallest Art Facebook Group

Since everyone loves/hates Facebook, you can now find Your Smallest Art on Facebook.

Grants available: Pro-Bicycle Art

[From Grahame.]

Project outline: three grants of $20 are available for people doing some sort of pro-bicycle art. Hopefully to go up down an alleyway like one the other grants.

Extra outlines: Non-graffiti and easily removable.

To apply, leave your project proposal in the comments section.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grants available: Creative Greening

[From Helen.]

Grants Available: Creative Greening

Project summary: To guerrilla-garden a tiny piece of living art into being, somewhere in an neglected corner of Perth's inner north.

Amount available: Three grants of up to $20.

Requirements: Applicants must submit a project summary, proposed site in the Northbridge/Highgate/Mount Lawley/North Perth area, and a funding breakdown.

Note: to apply, leave your application in the comments.

Grant available: Alleyway Art

Project summary: for a project to be exhibited in alleyways or backlanes, or in any place where you need to go down or up tiny rickety stairs tucked away in an unexpected corner of the city.

Amount available: up to $10.

Requirements: applicants must submit a project summary, materials required, funding breakdown, and artist biography.

Request for funding: The Smallest Stories

Project summary: I will write sentence-long stories about the places that I go on stickers that are easy to remove, and put them up in the appropriate locations.

Amount requested: $6.40

Materials required: stickers, ink.

Funding breakdown: I meant to go to a newsagent to check how much stickers cost, but I didn't, in the end. And now I am impatient to get this done, and put it out there, and see what comes of it. Let's pretend that a roll of stickers costs $5.80, and my careful breakdown of the ink required comes to $0.60. $6.40 sounds far more official and well-research than $5, yes? Yes.

Artist biography: I write less than I should, but I have so many stories in my head. None of them have a beginning or a middle or an end. They are all about moments when the world becomes more wonderful or more terrible than you thought it was, quite unexpectedly.

[EDIT: This project has been funded by Jarrad!]

Your Smallest Art

Your Smallest Art is a dorky little project I want to experiment with. It's kind of inspired by some project I read about a while ago that offered people veryvery small funding for making art. I can't find the link to that project now, although I did find this one, which looks similar.

Mostly, though, it is because I want every place I visit and every thing I read and all the music I listen to and every picture I see to be full of beautiful and unexpected creations by the people I know.

If you'd like to request funding or offer funding for a themed project, please let me know. I'm happy to post requests or to add people as blog authors.